About Mark

About Mark Landau

Seeing the world through my camera is something I was first introduced to when I was young. My dad taught me how to use a camera to tell a story. We had a black and whitein our house which also doubled as our laundry room. We would spend entire weekends shooting and then developing and printing. The excitement of watching the images come to life was the fuel to a lifetime passion.

The love of big mountains and just hitting the trail with  a backpack was the perfect blend of two worlds. While others thought I was crazy for carrying a heavy camera into the backcountry, I couldn’t imagine not taking home with me some of the beauty that I was able to experience. When the picture of that spectacular sunset or mirrored lake was hanging on the wall, it brought me right back to that place, that time. When others can get that same emotion when looking at my images and they are transformed to a place they may never have been or are inspired to go or to see something familiar in a different way, it gives a special feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It gives me that motivation to go back out and bring back the world for others to see and appreciate just as I do.

The love of travel and new places has also taken me to cities old and new. Trying to capture a feeling that a city evokes is motivation to observe its architecture, its landscape, its movement, its history and to use my imagination to bring that to life with a single image.

I have also used my photography skills professionally as a cosmetic and implant dentist. I started documenting my work photographically since I was a resident to be able to illustrate to my patients what can be accomplished, to write books, publish articles and also to lecture to other dentists on cosmetics and implant dentistry. I maintain a private practice in Skokie, Illinois specializing in implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Thank for taking the time to look at my images. I have great appreciation that you have have stopped by and I hope that one of my images transforms you to a new place or time or brings you back to a place you have already been. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about my work or how one of my images may fit into your home or business.

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